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The most frequent byproduct of an incident of domestic violence is a restraining order. This certainly would hold true in Wall Township as well as the other municipalities in Monmouth County. If you were served with a temporary restraining order or have been charged with contempt, we certainly have the skills necessary to assist you. At the Wall NJ Office of The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, we can offer you representation by what may be the largest defense team in the state with eight criminal defense attorneys, several of whom are former prosecutors in the area. Mr. Marshall has even filled in at Wall Municipal Court in this capacity in the past. To speak to a lawyer on our staff, call us at 732-449-2292 for a free initial consultation.

Wall NJ Restraining Order Attorney

Temporary Restraining Order Issued in Wall Township

When the police arrive at the scene or otherwise become involved in a domestic incident, the alleged victim is typically asked if they wish to obtain a restraining order. If they opt for issuance of one, the case is called into a judge who must review the allegations to determine whether there is probable cause to believe that an act of domestic violence occurred and, if so, whether entry of a temporary restraining order is necessary to protect the plaintiff. When this relief is granted, the defendant is restrained from any contact with the plaintiff including, but not limited to, communications over the telephone, via text, emails or any other direct or indirect manner until such time as a final restraining order hearing is conducted. At the time of this proceeding, the accused has his or her opportunity to present the side of the case. This is when you have the chance to present your evidence including witnesses, medical records, telephone records, photographs, videos and any other information which tends to disprove the allegations of the accuser.  The result of the final restraining order hearing shall determine whether you will be permanently barred from returning to your home and contact with the plaintiff. It is important to keep in mind that the restraining order has almost no impact on any companion criminal charges for simple assault, harassment or another violation. You will therefore need representation in two separate proceedings, one in the Family Division at the Monmouth Superior Court for the restraining order and the other in criminal court at either the county level or in Wall Municipal Court.

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Whether you were arrested for violation of a restraining order or are looking for someone to defend you in a final hearing in Freehold, a lawyer at Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver is equipped to help you. We have handled countless cases involving all varieties of allegations arising in a domestic setting and are ready to put our 100 plus years of experience into action for you. To speak to one of the attorneys on our staff, call our Office in Wall New Jersey for immediate assistance. A Wall NJ Criminal Attorney will thoroughly review the facts alleged and plot a comprehensive plan to insurance that you have every opportunity to avoid the consequences of a permanent restraining order. Call us now at 732-449-2292 for a free consultation.