Charged With Harassment in Wall New Jersey

Harassment is one of the more frequently encountered disorderly persons offenses in Wall New Jersey. The charge can result from an assortment of conduct undertaken with the purpose to harass a co-worker, a fellow student, girlfriend/boyfriend or other individual. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are adapt in defending this violation with over a century of combined experience handling harassment in Wall Municipal Court. Every lawyer at our staff routinely appears in this court and knows how to most effectively represent clients charged with harassing someone. To speak to an attorney at our Wall NJ Law Office, call 732-449-2292. The consultation is free.

Wall NJ Harassment Lawyer

Harassment Offense in Wall Township Municipal Court

The New Jersey harassment statute is contained at N.J.S.A. 2C:33-4 and makes it a petty disorderly persons offense to engage in conduct intended to harass another including:

  • communicating anonymously, during extremely inconvenient hours, using offensively course language or in a manner likely to annoy or alarm;
  • striking, kicking, shoving, offensive touching, or making threats; or
  • repeated acts with the purpose to alarm or cause serious annoyance.

Harassment is enhanced to a fourth degree crime, a felony that can only be handled at the Monmouth Superior Court, if the accused is serving a term of imprisonment or is on probation/parole for an indictable criminal offense.

Penalties If You Are Convicted Of Harassment in Wall

The first thing you should know about penalties is that you will have a record if you are found guilty of this offense. What this means is that every prospective employer, college, bank or other entity that performs a background check will see that you have been convicted of this charge. A conviction also carries a county jail sentence of up to thirty days and a fine that can reach $500. You should also know that harassment constitutes domestic violence when it is committed against your partner, spouse or another individual who qualifies for protection of a restraining order.

Wall NJ Harassment Offense Defense Attorney

Our attorneys can assist you in avoiding a criminal conviction and the other consequences that flow your harassment charge in Wall. We have a long history of successfully defending this offense and probably can achieve a favorable outcome for you. A lawyer at our Wall Criminal Defense Firm is available immediately at 732-449-2292 to guide you through the court process.